Have a stone or Need a stone

"How much is a... 1 ct diamond, 2 ct emerald, sapphire, morganite, alexandrite, tanzanite?" Answer: Depends

All stones have a continuum of quality that defines their value. There is no short answer to the gemstone market. There are techniques used to enhance poor quality stones for the vast commercial market. Cracks can be filled. Total carat weight valuation can be exaggerated. Our stones are hand picked and all information is disclosed and small accent stones are always regarded as a visual effect for the project and not used to improve the value by inflating the total carat weight.

Custom projects can start with the customers stone OR we will provide the best loose GIA certified diamonds and gemstones to choose from.



Alternative Stones

More choices than ever before provide opportunities for custom designs and affordable, ethically mined stone options. We help advise our clients about the variety of stone options including synthetic colored stones, lab created diamonds, and one of our favorite products Moissionite. At a fraction of the rare stone price there are quality options to 'get a look' worthy of creating a custom piece in fine metals.

So Many Stones... So Little Time